Cloud accounting

Let us take the work out of your work/life balance

Cloud accounting

Let us take the work out of your work/life balance

Do you run a business with just a few people? Do you do all of your own business administration? If so, we’ve worked out that you are probably spending around 100 days a year completing VAT returns, doing the company payroll, raising invoices, chasing debtors, reconciling ledgers and paying suppliers, all at the expense of your leisure time.

All of this time has nothing whatsoever to do with building up your business, generating income or finding new prospects and customers.

Then again, you might think it would be easier if you are running a larger business and have your own finance department. Not necessarily so. An in-house finance department can be an expensive overhead. It can become a place where many business owner/managers are reluctant to go because it’s usually too busy and confusing.

Cloud Accounting Solutions from Dunhams Accountants in ManchesterA fully outsourced finance department

Here at Dunhams, we have developed a fully functional outsourced finance department that is available to all of our clients – whatever your size, whatever your business. Our outsourced finance team have over 100 years’ of business and finance experience. They offer you a level of knowledge and expertise that you would normally find only in large corporate companies.

Dunhams outsourcing offers you total flexibility and we can provide different levels of support. From helping you and your team complete your monthly tasks on time to providing a full finance department function for your company, complete with a financial director to discuss all of your issues and concerns.

We can fulfil your finance function on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, giving you accurate, relevant and up-to-date reports. These will give you complete control of your business, and help you to make better-informed business decisions.

This will free up your time so that you can focus on growing your business, making new contacts and identifying new income streams. Or you can simply unwind, take more holidays and spend more precious time with your family.

From as little as £15 a day, you can get back those 100 days you spend doing routine administrative tasks for your business.

Our happy customers:

Mrs Breda Phythian, Managing Director, Contact Photographic Services Ltd

Outsourcing the company’s book-keeping and payroll to Dunhams was an excellent business decision for the company. A first-rate service: efficient, reliable and cost-effective, delivered by lovely people who are always ready to help with any queries or problems, and who have a genuine interest in the company. It allows key members of staff to focus on other aspects of the business, safe in the knowledge that these important matters are in very good hands.

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