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We are an active member of the IECnet association of accountants, auditors and tax consultants.

This membership gives us a greater international reach for all our customers who operate outside the UK and need the global support and worldwide reach this association provides without the headaches of setting up remote resources in far off places.

IECnet is an international association of accountants, auditors and tax consultants.

All IECnet’s members are professionally qualified under the laws of their respective jurisdictions.

The association was formed in 1987 and its members have established an infrastructure of mutual support and share the highest standards of professional duties and client service.

IECnet has almost 80 members and, due to its medium size, extensive personal contacts have been established and strengthened between the members for their benefit and, more importantly, for the benefit of their clients.

With members located in six continents, we can support our clients in all their international as well as local business requirements to an exceptionally high standard.

Greater international reach for all our customers

International Tax Services

IECnet’s tax professionals are available at any time world-wide,
more than 70 member firms in 50 countries on five continents.

For national and international tax issues please choose your country and
get in touch with the local IECnet tax consultant.

Globalisation can bring success and profits, but can also generate additional risks. International tax assistance and tax planning for your business are essential. By using IECnet you get access to international tax consultancy on a personal basis and of the highest quality. IECnet’s tax specialists are your contact to the world. Through IECnet you get local knowledge with international assistance. IECnet’s tax advisers offer full services related to tax problems world-wide.

International Audit Services

Most of our members are qualified auditors, regulated by their local authorities.

To provide an optimal level of service, IECnet’s Audit Committee has prepared an audit file for the use only of IECnet members. This file complies with all International Auditing Standards and includes all the information, working papers and questionnaires required by our members to lead an international audit.

IECnet is a member of IFAC’s Forum of Firms.

International Corporate Services

Managing and handling international activities require extensive knowledge of local rules and regulations.

Our members are able to offer a global administration service themselves or through other experienced and trusted professionals that they deal with.

The advantage to our clients is that they have just one contact who coordinates all the required tasks on accountancy, payroll, tax, audit and any other services required: the ultimate “one-stop shop”.

In a nutshell, one contact to meet all your needs internationally.

Contact information

Get in touch with our communications manager
Mrs. Emmanuelle Roberts

Email :
Phone : 33 (0)1 64 61 74 53

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All IECnet’s members are professionally qualified under the laws of their respective jurisdictions.

If you would like any assistance with any of these points.

Please Call Us on 0161 872 8671

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