Business audits

Giving your business an internal SWOT analysis

Business audits


Giving your business an internal SWOT analysis

Every business has weaknesses, but the key is identifying where those weaknesses are before they start to damage your company. As your business develops and becomes more sophisticated, it becomes even more important that these weaknesses are detected at an early stage.

This is why we suggest that regular audits are carried out for every business – even if they are not legally required. In fact, these days fewer and fewer companies are required to have a statutory audit, so the number of competent auditors is falling.

The benefits of having a regular audit

Here at Dunhams, we believe passionately in the benefits of an audit and specialise in carrying them out. We know that there is really no better way to get to the heart of a business and understand its strengths and weaknesses. Our regular monthly mini audit will:

    • Give you confidence that your monthly management accounts can be relied upon to help you to make the correct decisions for your business
    • Give you the peace of mind of knowing that everything in your business is being rigorously examined each month
    • Provide a tailored review of your systems, focusing on a different area each month
    • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of controls in the area investigated
    • Advise you on improving those controls
    • Giving you the benefits of a team with years of business experience
    • Add credibility to published information for your shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, investors and finance providers
    • Help support your rating with credit rating agencies
    • Help prove the credibility and reliability of your figures with HMRC

We can provide ad hoc specifically targeted audits, compliance audits for PAYE, VAT and many other areas of your business.

We will provide a monthly feedback report with a number of actions and recommendations. All of these services will be completed and controlled by our team of qualified Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors.

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