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Improve business administration with Our Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping Services

Let us take the work out of your work/life balance

You Bookkeeping will get you in to trouble if not done properly!

Bookkeeping Services Manchester - Improve Your Business Admin with Dunhams Accountants

Bookkeeping done right

Here at Dunhams we have been working with local Manchester businesses for over 50 years. Keeping them on the straight and narrow by helping them run their business successfully.

Bookkeeping is one of the key services we offer and one that cannot be ignored or left to chance.

Keeping proper records keeps you out of trouble with HMRC and any Regulatory bodies that govern your business sector.

What are the benefits of Bookkeeping Services?

Our Bookkeeping services cover all the key areas needed:

  • Sales Ledger and credit control
  • Bank transactions processing and reconciliations
  • Purchase ledger
  • VAT returns and CIS returns, – preparing and submitting

Improve business administration with Our Bookkeeping Service

How does bookkeeping improve my business? You have to record the transaction within your business. If this work task is carried out badly it will take more of your time to correct these records after the events. Getting these records done in a timely efficient manor reduces the stress and workload placed upon yourself.

Our bookkeeping service can be tailored to suit your business needs.

We can provide bookkeeping services for most business of all sizes and types:

  • Full time workers
  • Part time workers
  • Employed individuals
  • Self-employed individuals

Our qualified experts will enable you to get the job done and free up you time to focus on running your business.

What every type of books you keep

Paper records still play a big part for some companies and we are here to help you.

Using Cloud Accounting software to do the heavy lifting.

  • User friendly you do not need technical accounting knowledge to use
  • Apps, easy to use and intuitive
  • Secure access from anywhere
  • Can link with accountant and place restrictions on staff for more sensitive information
  • MTD compliant
  • Data is held remotely therefore backups not required.

Time saving accounting processes

  • Can invoice customers and set up chasing emails and reminders without having to do anything.
  • Bank transactions can be imported daily to reconcile to debtors and creditors (ledgers can constantly be kept up to date)
  • Produce management reports and data for tax returns
  • Submit VAT and Payroll requirements via the software (depending which software you use)
  • Add copy bills and receipts via photo (no need to keep records in storage box)

Dunhams is right for You

We have the depth of accounting skills to support your business, and not just the standard bookkeeping skills. We have the accounting and financial services to support you throughout your business life time. Enabling us to fully support you as your company requires the business knowledge and know how.

When choosing which a bookkeeping service which is best suited to your business, you need to look a three main points that will affect your business.

  • Features – what functionality do you need?
    • Bookkeeping
    • VAT
    • Payroll
  • Cost – Would you prefer inexpensive, basic bookkeeping solution or an application that costs more but includes extra features?
  • Usability – How many staff need access. Do you need mobile app capability? Will this solution scale as your business grows.

Bookkeeping Services FAQ

What bookkeeping services to offer?

Dunhams Bookkeeping services offer a full range of feature to suit your business

How do bookkeeping services work?

Running any size of business requires you to record your transaction, and you must report these to several government departments and bodies. You can improve business administration with Our Bookkeeping Service
The information required by these bodies start with the fundamentals like:

  • Sales Ledger and credit control
  • Bank transactions processing and reconciliations
  • Purchase ledger
  • VAT returns and CIS returns, – preparing and submitting

Customer statements

Our happy customers:

Mrs Breda Phythian, Managing Director, Contact Photographic Services Ltd

Outsourcing the company’s book-keeping and payroll to Dunhams was an excellent business decision for the company. A first-rate service: efficient, reliable and cost-effective, delivered by lovely people who are always ready to help with any queries or problems, and who have a genuine interest in the company. It allows key members of staff to focus on other aspects of the business, safe in the knowledge that these important matters are in very good hands.

Get the Bookkeeping Service You Need

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