Business tax services

Helping to make your business work for you – not the taxman

Business tax services

Helping to make your business work for you – not the taxman

When it comes to advising our business clients on managing and improving their tax affairs, we are fortunate in being able to call on the centuries of experience our team has in this key business area. In fact, there are a whole host of opportunities available to you.

Business Tax Services from Dunhams Chartered Accountants in Manchester

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Getting the right structure in place for your business

Whether you are starting out in business or are an established company, we can help you create a business structure that is tax efficient for your needs today, and in the future as your business grows. A few simple changes can lead to improved profitability, reduced taxation and a more protected future for you.

Enterprise Investment Scheme eligibility

For new business start-ups, we explore whether the new venture can benefit from the extremely generous and highly worthwhile tax reliefs provided by the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). If EIS is available, we will plan things very carefully and work closely with you to ensure you will benefit from this relief.

Claiming capital allowances

Here at Dunhams, we regularly review your capital expenditure levels closely, to ensure that the maximum claim is made and your tax position is improved as much as possible.

Company car financing

Clients often want to know the best way to finance their company car or car fleet. In fact, there are a vast array of options, different factors that come into play and the potential benefit-in-kind implications to consider. That’s why we give this issue our full expert consideration, to ensure that your company car policy is the best one for you and your business.

Tax-efficient profit extraction

A key area of our focus when advising you on remuneration packages and structures is to make sure that profits are being extracted from your company in the most tax-efficient way possible.

Avoiding VAT headaches

As you probably know, VAT is a central and ongoing issue to any VAT-registered business. Thankfully, Dunhams can take away all of your VAT headaches – whether it’s helping with your quarterly VAT return or offering advice on a thorny VAT issue, transaction, property purchase or sale.

Our happy customers:

Tony Bell, Managing Director, Oxylitre Ltd

We have retained Dunhams as our Accountants and Advisors for years and years. Over that time they have been with us every step of our journey and helped in countless ways. From guiding us through a Tax Enquiry to restructuring matters to improve our tax efficiency they have demonstrated time and time again their commitment to working closely with us, safeguarding our position and improving both business and personal wealth. I can not recommend them highly enough

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