Personal tax services

Helping to reduce the amount of tax you pay now and in the future

Personal tax services

Helping to reduce the amount of tax you pay now and in the future

Here at Dunhams, we provide a truly bespoke personal tax service that looks after all of your tax matters, and ensures that you are not paying more tax than you need to. Our detailed, integrated and holistic approach to your tax affairs means that, whatever your particular circumstances, we can safeguard your position and protect your wealth.

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Capital Gains Tax mitigation

As part of our overall service, we will ensure that your capital provides you with long-term funds as tax efficiently as possible. In fact, with careful and early tax planning, we can often reduce or eliminate Capital Gains Tax liability altogether. By looking at your specific situation, we may be able to reduce or delay the payment of your Capital Gains Tax liability.

Estate and Inheritance Tax planning

With the right advanced tax planning it’s possible to greatly reduce or even totally eliminate your Inheritance Tax liability. Our advice can range from taking a few simple steps in the more straightforward cases to fairly sophisticated and elaborate planning for larger estates.

Using Trusts

A Trust is a very useful mechanism that can provide wealth protection for you and your family. A Trust can help with Capital Gains Tax mitigation, Income Tax reduction and Inheritance Tax planning. In addition, it can assist your financial planning objectives such as supporting children through education, planning for your retirement or passing on assets. Finally, a Trust could potentially protect your assets from a claim by the local authority in respect of care home fees.

Other areas where we can help

We can ensure you get the maximum benefit from Entrepreneurs’ Relief, by helping you set up a tax-efficient business structure from the start, or by restructuring your business before a sale. In addition, we can help you claim many other available reliefs and exemptions such as principal private residence relief, lettings relief, gift relief, annual exemption and chattel exemption.

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