Accounting Services Denton

Chartered Accountants Denton

Denton Accounting Services

Chartered Accountants Denton

Accounting services for Denton from Dunhams Accountants & Financial Services
Dunhams Accounting Services Denton

We have the full range of services to aid you and your business based in the Denton and surrounding areas.

Our existing client base in Denton have been with us for many years. Each client has an individual selection of services to meet their needs and requirements. These range from daily, weekly, monthly and yearly service interactions. All designed to help and assist each client gain the advantages they are looking for.

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Accounting Services Denton

Here at Dunhams, we pride ourselves on offering a service which we regard as almost unique among accounting services and financial services. We are one of the very few practices which can take care of all of your personal and business financial requirements all under one roof.

Accounting Services Denton

Once we have gathered all the information, we will produce a detailed report containing our recommendations which we will outline with you in a follow-up meeting. In short, we will look into every aspect of your business finances and create a holistic and bespoke plan that is personalised to you and your company.

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Our Accounting Services Denton

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    Cloud Accounting

    Do you run a business with just a few people? Do you do all of your own business administration? We’ve worked out you are probably spending around 100 days a year on admin. Let us take the work out of your work/life balance.

    Personal Tax Services

    We provide a truly personal and bespoke tax service that looks after all of your tax matters, and ensures that you are not paying more tax than you need to. Whatever your circumstances, we can protect your wealth.

    Business Tax Services

    When it comes to advising our business clients on managing and improving their tax affairs, we can call on the centuries of experience our team has in this key business area. Helping to make your business work for you – not the taxman.


    As an employer, you have many obligations regarding your staff payroll and reporting requirements to HMRC. It must sometimes feel like you’re drowning in a sea of payroll compliance. Let us take the worry and stress away.

    Company Secretarial

    There are a variety of regulatory and governance issues which you must comply with, such as filing accounts, annual returns and other changes with Companies House. We will ensure your business complies with statutory regulations.

    Business Audits

    Every business has weaknesses, but the key is identifying where those weaknesses are before they start to damage your company. We can give your business an internal SWOT analysis and carry out regular audits.

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