Dunhams News-Blog Year End Tax Planning Guide

Year End Tax Planning Guide

Posted on: 11-02-2023

Read the Full Guide on our Year End Tax Page

Dunhams News-Blog Year End Tax Planning Guide

In all things tax, time is of the essence.

Checking that your personal affairs, your family and business affairs, and your plans for the long term are arranged as tax efficiently as possible is always important: and the period before the end of the tax year, on 5 April 2023, is the best time to do so.

This year, such a review may be even more beneficial than usual. Major change to tax bands and allowances has been announced over the course of 2022. This means some last-chance opportunities to make use of allowances at current rates and to access current tax bands. Similarly, there may be areas where you have discretion over the timing of income and it is worth establishing whether income is better taken this year or next. Here again,

a review before 5 April 2023 could have a significant effect on your tax position. For Scottish taxpayers, for whom higher and top tax rates are set to increase as well, there is even more to think about.

As your accountants, we have the all-round vision of your circumstances that can really help make an impact. To make the tax rules work to your advantage, it’s best to start the discussion as soon as possible before

5 April 2023. We look forward to being of assistance.

In this Briefing, we use the rates and allowances for 2022/23. Please note that throughout this publication, the term spouse includes a registered civil partner.

Read the Full Guide on our Year End Tax Page

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